Whether you are seeking to modify child support or defend against a request for modification, the attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC are here to help take the headache out of the process

In order to modify child support, you have to show the court that there has been a "substantial" and "continuing" change of circumstances that would either increase or decrease the current child support order by 10% or more. 

Often times, the changed circumstance can be the loss of a job, a change in income, a change in expenses, or the removal/addition of a child onto the current child support order. While it may seem straightforward (and sometimes it is), that is not always the case.  What if your ex is requesting a modification that lowers the child support so significantly that you can't afford to support your children? What if your ex is requesting a large increase in support that you cannot afford? 

It is important in these situations to have an experienced attorney who knows the legal standards and how they apply to your case. To discuss your individual situation with an attorney at Pomper Price, LLC, schedule a free, one-hour consultation today