A contested divorce can be one of the most stressful events of your life. Let the divorce attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC guide you every step of the way.

Divorce can be one of the most stressful and painful experiences of your life. Divorces involve deeply personal and intimate details of your life, relationships, and finances. Years, sometimes decades, of your life get reduced to a few pages of a separation agreement or a few hours at a hearing. The whole experience can feel unsatisfying and unsettling. 


For this reason, many people understandably hope to resolve their divorce without going to a court hearing, but what if you can't? The outcome of a divorce has the potential to permanently and significantly change your day-to-day life, your relationship with your children, and your ability to meet your financial needs. As such, it is important to understand your legal rights and what they afford you in your divorce case. 

Colorado is a "no fault" divorce state, meaning that unlike other states, factors such as infidelity, are not considered. In order to obtain a divorce, the court simply has to find that it has jurisdiction over the parties and that the parties agree that their marriage is "irretrievably broken." 

In these situations, it is incredibly important to have an experienced and skilled litigator, like the attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC, guiding you through the process and making important strategic decisions that will determine the outcome of your case. The attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC pride themselves on their ability to think outside of the box to achieve their client's desired goals.


The Timeline of a Divorce

While the timeline for every divorce case is unique to that specific case, below is a general overview of the process that you can expect to go through. For more specific information about what you can expect in your case, please contact Pomper Price, LLC to schedule a free, one-hour consultation

Divorce Issues

In every divorce case, the court will address the status of the marriage, spousal maintenance (i.e.- alimony), the division of property and debt, and if applicable, attorney fees and costs. If the parties have children, the court will also issue orders regarding the allocation of parental responsibilities (parenting time and decision-making), as well as child support. 

Spousal Maintenance (i.e.- "Alimony")

The issue of spousal maintenance is by far one of the most difficult issues in any contested divorce case. Often, the person who is ordered to pay is concerned that they won't be able to meet their own financial needs if ordered to pay spousal maintenance to their ex-spouse. The person receiving the spousal maintenance, on the other hand, has the opposite concern about not getting enough money to meet their financial needs moving forward. This issue can be especially difficult when one party has historically been the "breadwinner" of the family. While the law provides a maintenance guideline formula, the court is not required to follow it. 

Division of Property

Colorado is an "equitable" division state, meaning that the court divides marital property in manner that it deems "fair" based upon the circumstances. In many cases, what is "equitable" is an "equal division," however, that is not always the case. As part of determining what is equitable, the court considers factors such as the contribution of each spouse to the marriage, the economic circumstances of the spouses, whether one spouse has "separate property," and the value of the property to be awarded to each spouse in the divorce. 

On its face, it may seem simple, however, there are many complicating factors that can be involved in the division of property. For instance, one spouse may have separate property but the other spouse argues that the property has been "co-mingled" into the marriage. Other times, the spouses may disagree on the value of certain property and need experts to assist them in resolving their dispute. In these cases, it is important to have an experienced attorney who is well-versed in the applicable law and can help you sort through your property disputes.

We understand that divorce can be overwhelming. You may not even know where to begin. The attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC are here to help you. Schedule a free, one-hour consultation.

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