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When your ex refuses to live up to his or her end of the bargain, contact the attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC to help you get relief.

There is no worse situation than going through the stress of a divorce or child custody proceeding only to have your ex refuse to comply with the court's orders after the case ends. When one party simply refuses to comply, the order becomes meaningless without a way to enforce it. Unfortunately, if the order is not being followed, then it's up to you to file something with the court. 

This could include filing a motion for contempt of court, filing for a judgment, or filing a motion to enforce. 

The mechanisms for enforcement can be rigid and narrow depending on the situation. Additionally, the relief available is often inadequate or temporary. Sometimes you can successfully enforce an order against a party only to have that party turn around and start violating the order again. Sometimes the offending party can escape enforcement by claiming an "inability to comply." 

 It takes strategy and experience to understand how to best enforce a court order that your ex refuses to comply with. The attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC have the experience and legal acumen to help you obtain meaningful relief. Schedule a free, one-hour consultation today