Signing a Contract


If you and your spouse have reached full agreements, the attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC can assist in ensuring that your case is resolved as quickly and efficiently as the court will allow.

If you and your spouse agree on your divorce, do you still need an attorney? 

Unfortunately, many parties are forced to go back to court because they attempted to finalize their cases without the assistance of counsel and have run into major problems because they did not draft their agreement appropriately or they neglected to address an important issue. For many cases, the JDF forms provided by the court simply do not provide enough detail to avoid future problems and litigation. Often times, parties assume their case is non-contested until they start digging into the details and realize they may not actually agree on everything.  

While having a non-contested divorce is certainly easier than a contested divorce, there is still a complex court process that must be followed before the court can finalize your case and enter your divorce decree.  This process can be complicated and confusing even if you have and your spouse have full agreements on all issues. 

The divorce attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC have decades worth of combined experience to guide you through the non-contested divorce process and help you refine your agreements and ensure all of your bases are covered. Schedule a free, one-hour consultation to discuss your case today.