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Whether you are seeking to relocate out of state with your children or seeking to stop the relocation of your children, the attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC can help you craft a winning strategy.

The court stated it best in the Ciesluk case when it said, "child parenting disputes present agonizing decisions for trial court judges." None moreso than when one parent wants to relocate with the minor child against the wishes of the other parent.  Unlike other custody disputes, relocations present practical limitations that can drastically reduce one parent's time with the children, even if he or she is an involved, loving, and fit parent. 


Relocation cases often do not settle in mediation since there is not really a middle ground when one parent wants to move with the children and the other parent objects. 

There are two types of relocation cases, relocations that occur during or at the time of divorce or initial custody determination (APR) and relocations that occur after the divorce or initial custody determination is final. There are different legal considerations for each of these scenarios that must be assessed by the court when making the final determination. Given the high stakes of a relocation request, it is imperative that your attorney is well versed on the applicable legal standards and the respective factors that must be considered in a relocation. 

The attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC have decades worth of experience defending and pursuing relocation cases. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss the details of your relocation case.